FRAGCon 2020

Join us for our annual convention, FRAGCon : The Best Little Gaming Convention on the Prairies.

Regina North East Community Center
160 Broad Street (behind Imperial School)
Regina, SK


Postponed/Canceled due to COVID 19 concerns

TBD 17:00-24:00
TBD 09:00-24:00
TBD 09:00-16:00

Entrance Fee
Tickets will be available at the venue
$25 / $50 – Complete pass/ Family Pass
$15 / $30 – Saturday pass/ Family Pass
$10 / $20 – Friday or Sunday only pass/ Family Pass

Convention Features:

  • Tournaments
  • With prizes
  • Game Auction
  • Auction may be limited to a number of games per person.
  • Bring your games Saturday morning to be registered into the auction.
  • Door Prizes
  • Food & Beverages
  • Snacks and Beverages will be available at the hall.
  • Outside food and drinks will be welcome.
  • Signature Weekend-Long Play Event
  • Play with as many new people as you can to win the top prize!

There’s plenty of free parking available behind Imperial School.

Things You Should Know

  • Have fun. This is a family friendly evening. So conduct yourself accordingly.
  • There are always lots of games available for use.
  • Bring a friend. Bring a game. Bring both.

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Moving to more reliance on open gaming

When I took on the job of scheduling the Fragcon I thought it was going to be a great opportunity. I could steer the gaming in the direction I wanted; newer, better and deeper games. Turns out that this is not so easy to do. My idea of “better” games do not coincide with other’s idea of “better”.

I heard many complaints about the schedule and sign-ups were once again a problem. In the past year, I’ve gone to several other gaming conventions and one thing you can count on are similar complaints about the scheduling. We’ve been doing the Saturday
Frag days for 20 years now and we’ve never needed any kind of schedule. We’ve always just been able to spontaneously set up games for the number of people we have.

And we’ve managed to put together some pretty big games on the spur of the moment. From games of Dominant Species to 6-hour games of Fire in the Lake to 10 player games of Murder in Hong Kong. And more than once even games of Here I Stand.

We briefly contemplated have a completely open gaming schedule for the upcoming con despite the ire that might cause. Many of our long-time members have now become unwilling to sign up for scheduled games knowing all the problems that come with them. Game times that run long and start times that are missed, to missing out on games completely.

There are some who are absolutely allergic to signing up for games. But then there are other, perhaps newer gamers where open gaming is difficult. They need a schedule because they are not sure they can get into a game otherwise and this has worked well for Chewday Challenge and other events. While we have success every month with open gaming it can certainly be difficult sometimes.

For myself, I had a very difficult time in both Winnipeg and Saskatoon starting any type of open gaming and many in our group from Regina encountered the same problems. There is a tendency for people to hunker down in their own group and honestly, I think it is something that is hard to avoid given the nature of the hobby. But this is something we really need to make an effort to overcome at the con; as planners, as groups attending and on an individual basis. At one of these conventions, I even saw people running solo games; an entire gymnasium of gamers and no one to game with is terrible.

For the 2019 Fragcon we have set up the schedule to focus more on events rather than individual games. Larger games that are harder to get played in smaller environments and tournaments that will last several rounds. We hope to leave the individual gaming to yourselves.

Whether this is simply open gaming or any scheduling done on the website or at the con itself. We will have a big board set up at the con to facilitate any scheduling for the event. It is important for you all to have the tools to come up with your own schedule and set up the games that you want to play.

In this way, we can have everyone covered and anyone will get to play the games that they want to play.

Mark Macza, co-chair

How to Register and Use the site

We now have registration working. You will register on the website and then register for games. You are not making any commitment at this point. No money will be collected before the convention and if you don’t pay at that time your registration will just be ignored. We would appreciate getting feedback on our events. What would you register for?

The website works by having you register using your email address/username to create a user account.
If asked to login, use your username and password.

You need to be logged in, in order to register for games. Each game description has a register button. Click the button and you are registered.

Kitchen and Food

In the past we have run our kitchen so that all food at the convention was purchased there. Having experienced other conventions where this was not required, we have seen that if the kitchen is not your only choice, you get to bring with you the food you like. You can bring drinks, snacks and even order in food. We have found this convenient at other conventions, so we are going to try this at FragCon. You are welcome to bring food in. We will even provide a map of the nearest food venues, and there is of course also “skip the dishes” if you prefer to continue your gaming.

We will still have some food available in the kitchen and of course, we will have the usual pop, chocolate bars, and chips.

It is our hope that by simplifying the menu, we will have an easier time finding volunteers to work the kitchen for an hour or two. See our volunteer page for all of the opportunities to volunteer.

Henning – co-chair

Fragcon 2019!

Welcome to the FRAGcon site. This site is being developed for the March 22, 23, 24 of 2019. It is a work in progress. Check back often!

Your Fragcon co-chairs are Wendy Johnson, Mark Macza, and Henning Mortensen