Fragcon Schedule

Friday 6-8 Uwe Rosenberg Event Reiner Knizia Event
8-9 Ticket to Ride
9-12 Uwe Rosenberg Event Reiner Knizia Event Captain Sonar
Saturday 9-11 Uwe Rosenberg Event Villa Paletti Epic Command and Colours
11-2 Uwe Rosenberg Event Ticket to Ride Semifinals
 2-6 All about Racing
 7-12 Terraforming Mars Reiner Knizia Event Lord of the Rings miniatures
Sunday  9-12 Uwe Rosenberg Event  Ticket to Ride Finals  Codenames
 12-3 Uwe Rosenberg Finals  Mike’s Racing

Why so few game events?

We encourage everyone to open game and enjoy the convention. We have made some slots the only thing scheduled because we want everyone to play so we have a large group playing. If you really hate the game we are featuring, you can always open game. We hope you will enjoy our ticket to ride and racing events.

Check out our manifesto to learn our philosophy regarding open gaming.

We are introducing a new game. Play with as many new people as you can and if you play with more people then anyone else, you win the “These are the people I played with” award.