These are the people we need:

We need help in planning and executing the convention. We need people to help with the following things. They do not take a lot of time to do.

– Poster Creator – We need someone to create the poster for the convention
– Sponsor Raiser – We need someone to talk to our sponsors about sponsoring the convention
– Game Company Emailer – We need someone to contact game companies about prize support. We have the email addresses.
– Out of town advertiser – We need someone to contact all of our out of town friends and invite them to the convention
– Local advertiser – we need someone to put up posters around town
– Local celebrity – we need someone to get on tv, or radio prior to the convention

During the convention, we need everyone to pitch in to make this the “best little convention on the prairies”

– kitchen help – this person would be responsible for running the kitchen, taking orders, getting items and collecting money. This would be for a two-hour slot.
— 6-8 Friday
— 8-10 Friday
— 10-12 Friday
— 9-11 Saturday (filled)
— 11-1 Saturday (filled)
— 1-3 Saturday
— 3-5 Saturday
— 5-7 Saturday
— 7-9 Saturday
— 9-12 Saturday (filled)
— 9-11 Sunday
— 11-1 Sunday
— 1-3 Sunday

– Kitchen cook – responsible for cooking the items when they are ordered and delivering the items to the person who ordered it. This would be for a 5+ hour slot. This should be an easy job, you just need to put items in the oven and take them out when they are done.
— Friday (filled)
— Saturday 9-2
— Saturday 2-7
— Saturday 7-12
— Sunday

Flea Market/Games Library/Auction – this person is responsible for collecting money and recording sales from the flea market. They are also responsible for checking in/out games from the games library. They will also be responsible for signing auction items into the auction. There will be a table set up for this person and in James Sanheim tradition, it is expected that this person games throughout the con, only stopping to do their duty occasional. We would like someone in this position that can teach games and are happy to play with everyone. This person is an ambassador for our club.
— Friday (filled)
— Saturday 9-4 (filled)
— Saturday 4-12 (filled)
— Sunday (filled)

Runner – this person will sell raffle tickets, act as an ambassador helping people to find games, and doing whatever other duties as may be needed. This will be over the entire convention.
— runner 1
— runner 2

Check-In/Information – This person will handle the check-in process. They will print extra badges, collect money, and answer questions. This person will be busy for a longer period on Friday night, some on Saturday and a bit on Sunday. The more people sign up prior to the convention, the less this person needs to do.
— check in person

As you can see we need a lot of help. To volunteer, sign up for a position using the form below. We will confirm your position if it is available.

Thank you for helping out with the convention. 

Pick your volunteer position from the list...

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